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Posted on October 5, 2012 at 12:55 AM

What does weekend mean to you?

Is it sleeping, watching tv, or reading your old books? Some same usual stuff you've been doing since you were a kid. You are ow a working man so go out, meet some friends and have bonds with them.


You think of hanging out to pubs/ disco bars? Can you find rest there? No, you've got to drink and being intoxicated will just lead you to some traffic offenses. It was also proven that such hang outs can add stress and depression to your exhausted body and mind. What you need is refreshment, rejuvenation, a time for solitude and rediscovery of your self. What you need is to have a glimpse of what nature can offer.


A weekend can be more fun, interesting, exciting and challenging if you add spice to your activity. You can think of going off for a trail, packing up for beach or renting a boat for a trip in the sea.


You can do these stuffs once in a while. When you think your too burned out, you can find relaxation with nature banging out with your friends or relatives. One of the activities I like doing much is going off for a trail. The place is so relaxing. With beautiful scenery and a closer view with reserved wild life you can really see what ecosystem means. An awesome view of the falls and hills will be kept in your memories forever.


Another short trip I enjoyed much is a boat trip. Miami is just a place for beautiful beaches and little islands. The clean water still served as habitat for marine life. Have a boat trip and you'll have an idea about differently colored species of fish? You don't have to google it, you just have to snorkel it. And by the way do you have an idea of what a manatee looks like?


You can also enjoy touring around nearby islands or even private properties of some famous celebrities who lived near the seas. You can watch them from your boat and have a peek of how luxurious there life could be.


Lastly, just by simply sitting in your boat while bathing with the sun is relaxing. The splash of water will calm your mind. You can also swim while boating. You can take pictures of the endless ocean and snapshot of memories for that trip.


A boat trip will just take a few hours of your time. But will make you feel rejuvenated. It will also be an inspiration to go on working for the next few eeks. A short escapade like this can result to increased productivity and creativity. You enjoyed, your company will have a motivated employee.


So, don't waste your weekends. Go out and have some fun. Bring your family and friends. Find a way to celebrate there is nothing to celebrate about. Find a short trip where you will enjoy. There's a lot of it, you've just got to choose.

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